The interactivity of blogs can get your message seen faster

Should your website be a blog, or blog-based, or a regular static, web 1.0 site?

When I first heard of “blogs” a few years ago, back in the old days when they were still sometimes called “web logs,” (and a friend took a look around what’s now called the blogosphere and emailed me, thoroughly unimpressed, referring to what she saw as “blahhhgs” – though that was before was born), I thought, what is the big deal? – I’ve already got my website for my law practice, and it’s not a blog.

I created and maintained it with Microsoft FrontPage, and it’s easy to make quick, little changes using this “web-authoring” software, so why bother with a blog? It is also easy, technologically, to make not only quick, little changes to the website, but also big ones as well with the authoring software. (Question: when did “author” become a verb, and why? Is this really an improvement of the English language? Or an impoverishment of it?) Continue reading

Getting started

By running a business one becomes, by necessity, a student of marketing, a practitioner of marketing.

The old saying, “build it and they will come” all too often does not apply, and just doesn’t work.

Getting people to know that you’re out there, available and offering your things, your stuff, your goods; your knowledge and skills, your services — for pay — takes affirmative acts (the plastic surgeon has a sign: will do nose jobs for food.

By now I might’ve learned a few things and gathered some experience.

One stupendous experience was when I mailed out the first issue of a newsletter for my law practice, which inspired three dormant clients whom I hadn’t spoken to in months, or longer, to contact me with new issues, which led to new billings of around $5,000 — and all from an investment of around $200 in copying and and postage. This was a Return on Investment (ROI) of about 25:1. Not bad! The second part of this was the lesson that it doesn’t work that way every month. If only!

This blog will look at what’s working, what might not be, what’s interesting ….