What is Success Anyway? Another Look

Novelist and philosopher, Alain de Botton, author of On Love: A Novel and How Proust Can Change Your Life has a talent for out-of-the-ordinary interpretations of what is visible to all. For example, he reports the following headline to describe Oedipus:

“Sex With Mom was Blinding!”

And, pity the Ferrari owner: he suggests that “the next time you see someone driving a Ferrari, don’t think of  them as greedy, but as someone incredibly vulnerable and in need of love.”

In the following presentation, courtesy of ted.org, Botton offers a kinder, gentler view of “success” and “failure.”

2 thoughts on “What is Success Anyway? Another Look

  1. well lookit you! really yr sense of humor and deft lingual abilities (no stupid jokes intended) are perfect fer blogging. nothing like a tongue in cheek (with substance) take on the world of marketing. kudos!
    always kind of liked alain de botton…
    one suggestion – at first glance i thot yr bio read “an attorney in his own mind”, a subconcious thing. mebbe with his own practice is better?
    sorry to red pen ya.

  2. Thanks — I’m liking the idea of being superlingual; meanwhile, will reread bio, which probably can be improved (both the life underlying it, and the words describing it, which just goes to show that someone here may well be suffering the ailments de Botton is describing).

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