Why sign up to an inactive blog?

Let’s get real. this post, written in march of 2013 is the first new post on this site since early 2011. It’s not that I don’t like this blog, or that I’m not interested in the subject matter, but rather that it is a busy life and other activities have taken priority.

Despite the great and obvious inactivity of this blog, there has been a steady stream of new signups to the site. I regularly get email notifications that some new user has signed up to this site.

But why? What does this accomplish?

I’ve heard of “comment spam” and indeed there’s a fair amount of junk comments submitted, like “hey, your post really said it well. I learned a lot from it.” from “bonerpillemporium.com” Well great. but really what is the point? why do people do this? Does someone actually make money this way?

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